About School

Who We Are?

Skola V Pohybu is a small community school in Pardubice, set up by a group of local parents to meet the educational needs of today’s children. It is no surprise that Skola V Pohybu has developed a wonderful family atmosphere in the short time since its inception.

Our teaching philosophy differs to that of Czech state schools. One of our educational techniques, widely employed elsewhere in Europe, is to use long term projects, such as “My place in the world” to engage the students in different areas of the curriculum, for example, mathematics and history. We believe that by avoiding formal lessons of maths, science and other core subjects, students are more receptive to the learning process.

All our teachers are highly motivated and experienced professionals who understand that to get the best from their students it is essential to identify each child’s unique needs and adopt an approach that suits the individual student. The emphasis is effective academic and social education that effectively prepares our children for their lives ahead.

We would be delighted to discuss our approach in more detail should you feel Skola V Pohybu could suit your child.

As a new school, we our are continuously developing as we understand more about our students, and watch them grow. Our progressive and modern approach to education is the reason we named our school
Skola V Pohybu.

Our Principles

  • small, mixed classes of no more than 16 children
  • a dedicated teacher and teaching assistant in each class
  • respect for each individual child
  • life and nature in harmony – plenty of outdoor teaching (forest, city, nature)
  • written school reports
  • a school free from regular examinations that unnecessarily stress children
  • encouraging children to be responsible and independent
  • encouraging parents to be involved with the school


Principal & Head
Katerina Novakova
+420 608 280 113

Teacher Assistant
Barbora Becvarova
+420 777 125 373